Tuesday, 2 November 2010

New Edition Harry Potter Books!

On 1st November Bloomsbury officially launched the ‘signature’ editions of the bestselling Harry Potter series. I really really want to go out an buy the whole set of them - although I have to keep telling myself that already having three copies of each book (UK Childrens, UK Adults, Special Edition) is probably excessive enough without adding more. I know I'll end up getting them sometime though but maybe I don't need them this week.


The bold and graphic illustrations for the Harry Potter covers are by Clare Melinsky, a renowned linocut artist, who is based in Scotland.

Clare Melinsky commented, ‘I was delighted and excited to be asked to illustrate the covers for such massively famous books – and seven of them! It was top secret for the best part of a year.’

Bloomsbury have also launched a new Harry Potter website and Facebook Fan page.

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