Sunday, 21 February 2010

Review: Secret Army - Robert Muchamore

Secret Army (Henderson's Boys)Britain, 1941.

The government is building a secret army of intelligence agents to work undercover, gathering information and planning sabotage operations. Henderson's boys are part of that network: kids cut adrift by the war, training for the fight of their lives. They'll have to parachute into unknown territory, travel cross-country and outsmart a bunch of adults in a daredevil exercise.

In wartime Britain, anything goes.
A sign of a good book? Reading it straight through in an evening, pausing only to grab a drink or food. Well, that's what I did with this one because I literally couldn't put it down!

The Henderson's Boys series is pretty much a prequel to the CHERUB series. CHERUB is an organisation that was set up by Charles Henderson during World War II, training youngsters to become secret agents - because no one suspects a kid. The first two books have had Henderson, along with a handful of war orphans, scuppering the Nazi's plans to envade England. In Secret Army, they have now made it back to Britain and set up a training facility. Secret Army folllows the first lot of kids through their training and a final test which will enable them to be allowed to be dropped into occupied Europe on actual missions.

The characters in these books are pretty awesome. PT is my definite favourite - got to love the bad boy of the bunch! - but they're all very likeable in their own way. Charles Henderson himself is a great character, if only because he doesn't seem like the most obvious person to set up such an organisation.

Really great plot, combining the exciting adventure I've come to expect from this and the CHERUB books as well as loads of great detail about how the CHERUB organisation came to be.

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