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Review: Low Red Moon - Ivy Devlin

Title: Low Red Moon
Author: Ivy Devlin
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Genre: Fantasy, Yong adult
Published: 7th february 2010 (Bloomsbury UK)

Low Red MoonAvery Hood is reeling from the loss of her parents--and the fact that she can't remember what happened to them even though she was there.

She's struggling to adjust to life without them, and to living with her grandmother, when she meets Ben, who isn't like any guy she's ever met before.

It turns out there's a reason why, and Ben's secret may hold the key to Avery finding out what happened to her parents...

But what if that secret changes everything she knows about--and feels for--Ben?

I thought the premiss of this book sounded good although I found myself a little disappointed with the execution. The story wasn't all that unique to a lot of other YA paranormal books. Girl dealing with trauma, not many friends, hot new boy who's a bit mysterious. I didn't dislike the book but I didn't love it either. There was nothing that really gave it an edge. There was a bit of a 'twist' at the end but I'd already half figured it out so it didn't really give that surprise element. Also I felt like it needed some more action but that is probably just personal preference.

I found the characters to be okay but I didn't feel like I particularly got to know them all that well. Essentially all I knew about Avery was that she was dealing with the tragic death of her parents, liked the forest and that she didn't really fit in at school.

There were a couple of things that bugged me in this book. I wasn't sure why the word 'moon' was printed in red throughout, it didn't add anything to the story and largely just distracted me when it was on the page I was reading. I also don't like it when characters fall head-over-heals-madly-in love so quickly. If it were an occasional thing I'd be fine with it but it seems like it happens in so many books that I usually end up thinking "Oh, not again!" There was also a very limit explanation of the werewolf lore. There was also a bunch of other stuff that, to me anyway, felt like it didn't get explained properly.

Essentially, its a shame that this book wasn't better because it really had potential.

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