Thursday, 14 October 2010

Review: Inheritance - Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

InheritanceNotorious party-loving, 'It Girl' Lyric Charlton has it all - the lineage, the looks and the lifestyle. A moneyed upbringing at the heart of one of the upper class' most well-connected families, a finishing school education and an address book bursting with the world's most powerful and high-profile people has crowned her the glamorous poster girl for the aristocratic glitterati. But when her doomed relationship with suave boy-about-town, Ralph Conway means she takes the good times too far, she is packed off to rehab by her worried parents, and the public shame and private humiliation that follow means Lyric's only option seems to be to retreat into sober obscurity. But what no one can predict is the dramatic chain of events her exile sets in motion. For Lyric's treatment is the start of much more than a life as an ex-addict. It's the catalyst that exposes a complex web of deceit and betrayal - and leads Lyric on an increasingly dangerous quest to find the final missing piece of the jigsaw of her life.

Inheritance is a fun, easy read with a hint of mystery to it. Lyric Charlton is an 'it girl', a socialite from a upper class British family who is famous for her partying. Her cocaine habit lands her in rehab and when she leaves, Lyric is determined not to fall back into her old ways - even if this means cutting off her boyfriend Ralph (pronounced Rafe, obviously). Throw in Uncle Quentin, who’s got his eyes set on the family inheritance - no matter what the costs; best friends Treeva (with her own coke habit) and Laura (who’s trying to be a ‘real’ mother ie without a nanny) and it’s guaranteed that Lyric’s new life isn’t going to be as simple as she’d hoped.

There’s some wonderful characters in this book, with some awesomely ‘posh’ names such as Crispin Nielson-Jones and Mindy Braithwaite. In fact Crispin is just awesomely fierce, full stop. Lyric is really believable as a character and also really likable. She might seem like a typical rich girl on the outside but inside she’s ‘normal’. Treeva really bugged me to the point of slapping her to start with but further into the book, her actions were warranted as her insecurities became apparent and I even felt a little sorry for her.

Inheritance isn’t my usual kind of book but I really enjoyed reading it. The writing style was good and although in some places the plot was a little predictable, there was still plenty going on to keep me reading. A definite recommendation to fans of chick-lit.

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