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Review: Entice - Carrie Jones

Entice (Need)Title: Entice
Author: Carrie Jones
Format: Paperback
Pages: 263
Genre: Fantasty, Young Adult
Published: 3rd January 2011 (Bloomsbury)

Zara and Nick are soul mates, meant to be together forever.
But that's not quite how things have worked out.

For starters, well, Nick is dead.
Supposedly, he's been taken to a mythic place for warriors known as Valhalla, so Zara and her friends might be able to get him back. But it's taking time, and meanwhile a group of evil pixies is devastating Bedford, with more teens going missing every day. An all-out war seems imminent, and the good guys need all the warriors they can find. But how to get to Valhalla?

And even if Zara and her friends discover the way, there's that other small problem: Zara's been pixie kissed. When she finds Nick, will he even want to go with her? Especially since she hasn't just turned...she's Astley's queen.

Essentially Entice is about Zara and her friends trying to rescue Nick from Valhalla. First they have to figure out how to get there which isn't helped by the various fake leads they have to deal with. Along the way, Zara and Astley visit Iceland and New York City which to me seemed a little bit strange, especially as there didn't seem to be much concern from Zara's mother and grandmother about the Iceland trip considering Zara's age and that they don't trust Astley. At least she does sneak out to go to NYC.

There was more action in this book than the previous two which did make it a little more interesting and the lack of the Nick and Zara sappiness was a bonus, although she was still a bit annoying when she was thinking about him. I liked that Astley was kind of like he accepted that Zara was in love with Nick but at the same time he was also like "But you will love me one day" - even though I'm not sure I get why he wants her.

Again it was the same issues as the first two books that bugged me about this one and again, I think some people will really like this series and others won't.

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