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Review: Chosen (House of Night #3) - P.C. and Kristin Cast

Review of Marked (House of Night #1)   

Possible spoilers for the earlier books follow:

Zoey's got a whole load of issues to deal with. Not only is she a fledgling vampyre but she also has an undead best friend, two boyfriends, a massive crush on a full adult vampyre and knowledge about what the High Priestess is really up to. To top it all, she can't share most of this with her friends and the only person she can talk to is her sworn enemy.

I really like the plot of the House of Night series and the further into I read the more I want to find out what happens.They're fun and easy to read and have a certain unputdownableness about them. I'm not so keen on the style of writing though. A little bit too much like a thirteen-tear-old's blog for my liking - which is fine on a thirteen-year-olds blog but, in my opinion, not so great in books. Still, it's YA/teen fiction and written in the first-person so I can tolerate it.

Some of the things that bugged me in the first few books weren't so bad in this one - namely the overly descriptive details of clothes etc. This was massively toned down which I was pleased about. There were still a few things that annoyed me though. In parts there seemed to be too much repetition, recapping what was in the previous books and on a few occasions what had happened a few pages ago.

The characters are developing well throughtout the series. In parts of this book I did feel like shaking Zoey and telling her to stop being pathetic but I think that was maybe the point. She was dealing with some confusing issues and making the wrong decisions but knowing what the right choice is and picking it are completely different things. We start to see a different side of Aphrodite in this world as well adding another dimension to her character, which is great.

Overall I did really enjoy this book and can't wait to get stuck into the next in the series.

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