Saturday, 27 March 2010

Review: Untamed - PC and Kristin Cast

Zoey's gone from having three boys to none in the matter of a week. On top of this most of her friends aren't talking to her because she's been hiding stuff from them. If only they knew there was a very good reason for her not telling them. Her mentor has turned evil and the only people she can talk to is her rival Aphrodite and undead Stevie Rae. It's not easy being a fledgling vampire and leader of the Dark Daughters.

Well, the further into the House of Night series I get, the more I like them. The first two didn't strike me as wonderful but I kept reading because I wanted to know what happens. The third showed signs of improvement and this one, the fourth, seemed to have lots of the parts that annoyed me in the others.

The characters are developing more and more and I'm starting to connect with some of them. I've also started to realise that some of Zoey's group of friends really annoy me though. I don't like The Twins, I'm not sure why, I jsut feel like telling them to shut up every time one of them speak. Jack bugs me in a too cute, giggly kind of way as well. Damien is growing on me slowly. The actual character I liked the most in this book was Aphrodite. I mean, I know she's a bitch and all but now we're starting to see why she acts how she does. To me she's the real kick-ass one who knows what to do in a crisis, as she shows towards the end of this book.

Plotwise this book was better as well. The story moved quicker and there was a lot more action. There was also a lot less repeating of what had already happened. It feels like we're properly in the story now.

I'm looking forward to the next one!

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