Friday, 9 April 2010

Pre-Readathon Ramble

See that button at the top of my side bar? Yes, that one there. It's for the 24 hour Readathon which happens tomorrow. It starts tomorrow April 10th at 5am Pacific so for me its 1pm (GMT) although I'm not sure how the daylight saving thing affects things but I'm going with that as it seems a good enough time to start. It means I can sleep in late and then spend a little time completing preparations before actually starting the readathon.

I'm keeping my plan very loose as I know if I have a set number of books to read I'll not want to read those particular ones. Here's my list of likely reads though:

I've been saving thsi one back because I know from the previous books in the series that I'll happily read it straight through which should take a reasonable chunk off the 24 hours.

Being able to imagine Jason and Eric is pretty sure to keep my attention!

The House of Night books are pretty easy to read and shouldn't take a lot of getting into as it's part way through the series.

Hopefully this should arrive in the post tomorrow as it was dispatched yesterday so I can get me some off-screen Dean!

This should also be in the mail and will hopefully be something to dip in and out of.

I also have some graphic novels and comic books for when my attention is bad (well, worse than usual lol)

So, I'm not a hugely fast reader so I doubt I'll even get through the above (heck, I might not even stick to this list) but I do have a good stash of others to hand in case I do or if I just don't feel like any of them. I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up with like three or four part read books after the 24 hours.

As for other important readathon stuff. I have coffee, Red Bull, chocolate and other yummy food. I plan to stay awake for the 24 hours but can't guarantee I won't have a little nap hehe. I will still have to cook, make drinks etc but that's no biggy as I tend to have a book in the kitchen when I'm doing these things anyway! Updating will most likely take place as and when I feel like it.

Hope everyone taking part has a fab 24 hours!

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