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Review: Succubus Blues - Richelle Mead

Succubus Blues (Georgina Kincaid, Book 1)
Succubus (n.) An alluring, shape-shifting demon who seduces and pleasures mortal men. Pathetic (adj.) A succubus with great shoes and no social life. See: Georgina Kincaid.

When it comes to jobs in hell, being a succubus seems pretty glamorous. A girl can be anything she wants, the wardrobe is killer, and mortal men will do anything just for a touch. Granted, they often pay with their souls, but why get technical?

But Seattle succubus Georgina Kincaid's life is far less exotic. Her boss is a middle-management demon with a thing for John Cusack movies. Her immortal best friends haven't stopped teasing her about the time she shape-shifted into the Demon Goddess getup complete with whip and wings. And she can't have a decent date without sucking away part of the guy's life. At least there's her day job at a local bookstore--free books; all the white chocolate mochas she can drink; and easy access to bestselling, sexy writer, Seth Mortensen, aka He Whom She Would Give Anything to Touch but Can't.

But dreaming about Seth will have to wait. Something wicked is at work in Seattle's demon underground. And for once, all of her hot charms and drop-dead one-liners won't help because Georgina's about to discover there are some creatures out there that both heaven and hell want to deny... (Goodreads)

My initial impression of Succubus Blues was good. The lore of the various superntaral beings was believable - no sparkly vampires - although I felt the darker side of the demons wasn't particularly touched on. They seemed a little too nice most of the time. I didn't feel like I particularly connected with Georgina either. I wanted to, I just felt a little bit 'blah' towards her.

The plot was reasonably engaging, set out quite like a mystery which was reflected in Georgina's favourite book being of this type. I did however find a lot of the 'twists' being a little too obvious to anyone who's actually looking out for them. I'd worked out who the culprit was well before the characters did. As such towarsd the later part of the book I found the story dragging a little bit. Had it been, say, a hundred or so pages less and more compact, I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more.

Overall, while a reasonably good read in that I'll probably read the next in the series, I was a little bit disappointed after reading so many good things about these books. However, I do think that it was probably more of a personal preference thing though so I wouldn't discourage any one who is interested in this type of book.

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