Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Review: Deadly Little Secret - Laurie Faria Stolarz

Deadly Little Secret (A Touch Novel)
Camelia's fairly ordinary life changes suddenly when Ben starts at her High School. Rumours about Ben spread quickly and soon the whole school has heard that he's responsible for his ex-girlfriends death. While the rest of the students avoid and even ostracise Ben, Camelia is drawn to him.

When Camelia appears to have a stalker, her friends immediatly assume it's him but it's Ben who warns her that she's in danger and tries to convince Camelia that he can help. But should she trust him?

I really enjoyed reading Deadly Little Secret. There were some excellent plot twists and I was never quite sure who's the stalker. Every time I'd decided who it was, something else happened to make me doubt my thoughts which made me want to keep reading even more. 

Camelia was a likable enough - not my favourite fictional character but she was a good solid protagonist. She stuck to her own opinions instead of just going along with her friends and she stood up for what she believed was right. I liked that Camelia's parents were real characters in the book and not just in the background which seems to happen in a lot of YA fiction.

There was some excellent dialogue between Camelia and her friends, Wes and Kimmie. I loved how they made sarcastic comments and teased each other all the time. However, I wasn't really sure if I liked Wes and Kimmie all that much. I can't really work out why I didn't, they were well written and developed, I just didn't really connect with them.  Ben was my favourite character in the book. I really wanted him to be the good guy and was routing for him all the way through. Maybe that was part of why I didn't take to Wes and Kimmie, they didn't like him! Lol

An enjoyable read and a nice set up for a future series.


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